Thursday, November 19, 2015

The End Is Near

It seems likely that tomorrow will be our last opportunity to contact the Vermont Lunar Cubesat.  As I write this we are an hour away from our 2 year anniversary in space.  When we were planning the launch, NASA said we'd have about 2 years in orbit...I guess they weren't kidding!  As of this afternoon I am still gathering onboard data in a careful priority order for archiving and further analysis.  I am very happy that I feel we have most of the important data and during the pass we hope to have tomorrow we still will be collecting relevant and fresh data such as on-board temperature.  Sorry, when I figured out our time was limited I put the priority on getting passes and I have pictures to post (from the 9/26 roll) after that task ends for me.  As you can imagine, the knowledge that our mission was coming to an end changed the priority for me.

I will post updates as we see how this ends.  Thank you all who have sent messages of support and encouragement.  I am looking forward to beginning the work of data analysis when it isn't competing with data gathering.

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