Friday, June 19, 2015

Pictures from 2015-06-15

I have retrieved and processed the best pictures from the "June 15" roll.  I've had to remember the procedures and work arounds we developed to get everything to work.  Luckily I documented it step-by-step and while I remember thinking "of course I don't need to write this down, I won't forget".  Well, let me tell you, I would have forgot.  I am really lucky that I didn't change the toolchain computer and my workflow was well documented.

One of the pictures seems to be a coastline, but the clouds make it difficult to identify.  I think it is (based on time when shot) near India or Australia.

The satellite is still as finicky as ever, I think it laughs at me when I issue several commands, pretending it didn't hear me, when I know the link budget and there is plenty of clear signal up there.  It has had a personality since day 1, so I know it knows what it is doing.   

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